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Ever Feel Like you are drowning in information?

Or, trying to drink from a fire hose?

Higher education in any fashion is challenging. So why waste time on study methods that are not as fruitful for memorization? Neuroscience has proven that the best way to memorize information is “Active Recall” memorization and “low stakes quizzes”.  Check out these articles that go much further in depth about the memorization process and active recall.

“Exercise in repeatedly recalling a thing strengthens the memory.” – Aristotle

  • https://www.osmosis.org/blog/2022/02/21/active-recall-the-most-effective-highyield-learning-technique (hat tip Michael Owen)
  • https://neuroscientistintraining.com/what-is-active-recall/ (hat tip Chloe)
  • https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1364661310002081 (hat tip Henry L. Roediger III snf Andrew C. Butler)

So where do we come in?

Student Review is a new application dedicated to helping students perform better in class. Student Review aims to give students tools to create all outlines, notecards, google searches, reference searches, and quiz creation by simply selecting information from the presentation and clicking the desired button on the toolbar. The goal is for a student to create all study material during lecture so after lecture can be utilized for active recall studying and low stakes quizzing. 

The reason Student Review was created because I (Josh Reissig) hand wrote over 20 Thousand note cards during my 2.5 years of  Physician Assistant Training. I average the creation of a notecard around 3 minutes.  Doing the math, on average it took me 41.67 days of my life to create my study material. This does not count as study time as merely copying information to create note cards is known as “passive review” which yields about a 30% memorization rate after 1 week. 

Below is the picture of my notecards.

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