Hello! I am the founder of the revolutionary education application named Student Review. We streamline the study cycle with unique tools aimed to enhance the creation of study material and keep students organized.

I am an Entrepreneur, Surgical Physician Assistant, US Army Soldier, Afghanistan War Veteran, and I am proudest to be a Husband to a Loving Wife and Father to 2 wonderful Children. While going through Physician Assistant Training I realized that my time was strained from my studies and needed to be fixed. Student Review is the solution to the problems that my Peers and I experienced during training.

"Time is the most valuable thing a Man (or Woman) can spend," - Theophrastus

-How much is your time worth?

contact me:
e-mail: Josh@Studentreviewapp.com
phone number: (614)209-1503
Josh Reissig
Founder of Student Review
Jake Hare
Founder of Launchpeer
Jake has built web and mobile applications for hundreds of startups around the world, along with Fortune 500 companies. He's also guided startups on the road to raising millions in funding and has a proven track record of taking startups from idea to success quickly. Jake is also a graduate of Boston University with an MS in Computer Programming, and is also an Army Veteran.

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