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The Journey through My Education and the Birth of a New Idea
My entire life I thought I would attend college, go to medical school, and become a doctor. I'm not sure if it was outside influence that guided me in that direction or the years of watching rescue 911. Reflecting on my child it was no coincidence that I wanted to join the Army. Every day I would plat war with action figures, play with toy guns in the back yard, even draw pictures of what I thought war was. After 9-11 (8th Grade for me) I knew I wanted to serve in the military. I served as an enlisted soldier until I graduated PA training through IPAP. I was an average student during PA training as I could not be the smartest I realized that I would have to work harder. I spent countless hours creating notecards, outlines, and performing research not to count the time it takes to memorize all the material. My classmates and I figured there has to be a better way to make these materials... but there is not and....
The Birth of Student Review came a solution to a Major Problem that Myself and my classmates in IPAP class 15-2 were experiencing. How do we have enough time to get through the grind of 27-32 Semester hours successfully and manage to stay married and raise children? The answer was... the student and the family endured the punishment of Army Physician Assistant Training together.
Eureka! Student Review Was Born!
Personally I would spend 2-4 hours making note cards for our upcoming exam as I found that note cards helped me recall information especially for brute force memorization facts like pharmacology and biochemistry.

Below are other students from the "Student Doctor Forum"

"I spend the first half of my day making new cards and looking at new material for that day, and I spend the second half of my day doing old cards that I've already made. I review ~200-300 old cards a day, give or take, over the course of maybe 3-4 hours

"Basically all my study time year 1-2 was flash cards and I would dedicate 2-3 hours a day to making and learning my cards"

For reference, during our foundational courses (anatomy, biochem, genetics, etc.) I was making 50-100 of my notes sheets every month, and if I'm remembering correctly I had like 12,000 flashcards total by the end of either first year or first semester.
Approximately 20,000 hand written notecards from PA Trainining. If I made 1 per minute it would take me 13.89 days just creating notecards.
Good new for you! There is a better way with Student Review.
Student Review cuts out the time that a student spends making notecards, outlines, and Research by using tools during lecture to make these materials for you.
This Blog is intended to help students learn how to preform their best and to achieve more than they thought possible.
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