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Tradition is great, but not when taking notes. Traditional study tactics require students to highlight or take notes during a lecture, then take the time to create study aids, organize their notes, and try to recall what the professor said - wasting lots of valuable time that they could be spending studying and not preparing to study.
Better Organization
Create notebooks and upload class material into Student Review for easy organization of lectures, note cards, outlines, and study aids. Everything you need to be successful in one place
Use Time Wisely
Effortlessly create note cards, outlines, and search your preferred references by simply using a highlighting tool - eliminating the need to type or hand write materials
Track Important Information
Easily record audio files and review them to reinforce lecture material
The Process
Select the appropriate lecture and select your preferences for your references for quick searching - the magic starts when lecture begins
Select The Important
Highlight what you think is important
Select Controls
Select Note card, Outline, or Research Controls
The Magic
The highlighted material is copied and pasted onto the front or back of note cards, into outlines, or searches and link the results to slides or presentations
Start Studying!
Study material is created during lecture freeing you from spending precious study time to make it
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